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Why orthopedic?

Orthopaedic animal beds as a preventive measure

If you imagine that the spine is bent in an unhealthy shape for many hours in a conventional dog basket, it also becomes clear that an orthopedic
bed becomes indispensable as a preventive measure.

An orthopaedic bed is particularly suitable for older animals, animals with joint diseases or for large and heavy dogs. Older animals often develop problems with the

joints or the spine such as osteoarthritis or spondylosis, herniated disc, ED and HD,… . Here, too, the joints are significantly relieved by the special foam.

Sleeping & eating, what does my pet want?

Our pets usually have their favorite places in the apartment – according to Feng Shui, their choice is incidentally dependent on their sense of water veins, earth faults and energy vibrations. Observe where your pet likes to hang out and offer him a comfortable place there.Does your dog prefer a pillow or a basket? Does your cat like to look down into the room from a high scratching post or does he prefer a basket or box?

The place should not be near the entrance and should not face the door. In addition, places in the middle of the room are unfavorable, because a wall at the back of the animal provides support and protection. Place your pet’s habitat or sleeping area so that there is a wall in the back and the door is visible from there. This gives the animal security and protection.

Food bowls and litter trays should be placed where family members are not constantly rushing past, so that the animal is not distracted.

Source:, Written by Ragna Michel